Pen and Ink Medium

One of the most important characteristics of pen and ink is its directness. The first touch of the pen to paper makes a mark that has a look of finality. The medium makes serious demands on the artist; it calls to his strengths and draws attention to his weaknesses—it is a medium that challenges. A painter once said that he was almost afraid to handle the pen,--“It is so fearfully direct.”

If the mastering of ink technique had to be summed up in a single phrase it would be “incessant practice.”  Incessant practice is a necessity to develop the skills required to get desired results from pen and ink. There is perhaps no other medium offering a better chance to develop a personal technique. Pen drawing is akin to handwriting and just as no two people write alike, so no two people draw alike.

I create full-blown drawings executed slowly and deliberately paying attention to the details—not sketches which are hastily executed simply giving essential features without the details. I spend anywhere from two hours for a two inch square to 70 hours for my largest work. A lifetime of experience, skill and ability go into creating my original drawings.


de Shan said...

your works are absolutely amazingly beautiful! and you are so correct in your description of drawing with pen and ink. i have been doing it for only a short time, but my how i've improved with practice! keep up the lovely work.

de Shan

Melissa B. Tubbs said...

Thank you! Pen and ink drawing is one instance where practice DOES make perfect. The more you do the better you get.

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